Moving moves more than boxes

It’s a grand episode of “This is your Life”. In my case it’s sifting through boxes of Rocko stuff, Lazlo stuff, wedding albums of my first wife who died. Files of divorce papers, old contracts, failed pitches, cartoons from high school. Many victories but twice as many failures. (Remember the big disaster of “Kaboing TV?)

I found an old letter from my grandfather who died in 1989 which brought a tear to my eye. We were very close. We worked on newspapers together and he was the first one who ever bought one of my cartoons ( for 2 dollars!) I also have a file of every rejection letter I ever received from a syndicate or newspaper when I was trying to be a comic strip artist or a political cartoonist.  ( It’s quite thick). Every drawing from my first film “The Chore” which went on to win a student Academy Award.

How do I ship Emmys? Do I insure them? What do I leave behind? What do I put on a ship.

Drawings my kids did ( I saved all of them) who are now college aged, alongside drawings from the 6 and 3 year old. Old photos of my parents ( both gone).

And of course I shipped my file cabinet which was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was 12 ( Yes, what kind of child asks for a file cabinet for Christmas?), but it was also the cabinet which housed my rejection letters, my cartoons and where my cat Dick had her kittens in the bottom drawer.

And what about Dick’s ashes? Yes I snuck them into the stuff going to Belgium.

It’s been a ride alright. Don’t know if this means the end of my stint in entertainment.  Let’s Go Luna is a good show to go out on. And Belgium is a good place to retire.

We will see.

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  1. Hey Joe Murray,

    I remember kaboing and how wonderful it could have been. I’ve supported about everything you’ve done since cable TV. Your stuff has meant a lot to a lot. I hope you get bored and keep on working, but the amount you’ve put out is amazing Thank you so much.

  2. Mr. Murray, I can’t tell you how much joy your creations have brought to my childhood (and adulthood). You are a true genius sir and a pure artist. Thank for everything. If you decide to leave the entertainment industry, then enjoy your well-deserved retirement, but if you decide to continue then keep those wonderful toons coming I say!

  3. Saying you’ve been through a lot is quite the understatement. Your work, whether it’s been student films or cable TV, even web series have inspired others including myself. You’ve made quite the name for yourself and have a great repertoire! When inspiration strikes go for it, but also take time to pat yourself on the back. Thank you for your hard work!

  4. I hope everything is going well for you. Look forward to seeing Rocko: Static Cling. I really hope Rocko has a bright future. I don’t want the Rocko fandom (or advertising) to fade into obscurity.

  5. I just bought Rocko’s Modern Life cereal today. No telling if you get a dime out of that or not. But your work has endured my entire lifetime. I credit watching Rocko as a pre-teen with a lot of my 33yo outlook. I only hope you’re happy or on thr way to happy, Mr. Murray. You certainly gave me a lot of joy and laughs and nostalgia over the years. I wish you the best!

  6. Hi Joe,
    My mom (Doris V) was asking what you are up to these days. I was reading from your blog to her. The mention of Dick brought back lots of memories of the little house in Campbell. Mom sends love. We are happy to hear of all the exciting changes in your life. Good luck with the move to Belgium.

    1. Hey Christal. Please give my love to your mother. Your family brings me so many great memories. I don’t know if Rob told you but he knows my brother in law Willem, a fellow economist. Please keep in touch!

  7. This old lady has come here to say Thank you! for your body of work so far. I’m a huge fan of Luna. Love Rocko too. Best of luck in Belgium and don’t forget us. You help make my world sunny 🙂

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