Holiday on the Coast

July 10,2021-Nieuwpoort, Belgium- Taking some time to vacation by the seashore.(Or go on “holiday” as they say here). Belgian beaches are not California beaches, but I love them. Had a virtual Luna wrap party the other night and was thankful we were all able to keep working and create new episodes of Luna during Covid. Came across this poster here in Nieuwpoort calling for support of the restaurant trade during this hard time and felt for all of those affected by this epidemic. Still lots of Luna work to do until November.

Also signed the deed to our new farm ( actually old farm, 1778). Moving next week. Will keep posted.

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  1. Hi Joe,
    Congrats on your accomplishment with Luna and hoped you enjoyed your vacation on the coastal shores of Belgium. I am hopeful that you and your crew did a wonderful job with wrapping up with “Luna” during COVID. I am very thrilled about what you accomplished, along with the other artwork and goals for more to come. Interested in the Artwork by the way.

    I have to ask you, recalling the previous comment I sent to you on your last post.

    You see, I wanted know about ending the series with a special focusing on these topics: One focusing on trying to find ways to adapt to staying at home during COVID. And one where Luna spends time with a different protagonist.

    And I also wanted to know, are you interested in Live Action Sitcoms or no? Because I have found you are interested in Animated Series and on Animators most decent historic moments. If you are.

    Thank you for reading and hope you have something much greater coming soon!

  2. I do have a question Mr.Murray how old is Carmen,Andy,Leo and the rest of the Circo FabulosošŸ˜€

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