Art & Stories: In Our Essence

It’s hard to imagine in our current realm of computer generated and assisted art that the origins of illustrated stories goes back thousands and thousands of years. It’s because it connects us. Art in any form, if not done from ego, connects with who we are in essence. When you laugh at a funny drawing, or watch a movie with a great story, or read a great book, the secret is the part of you that connects with it. The drawings on caves were a basic story.

We were hungry. We went on a great hunt. The sacred animal gave up their life for us. We ate. We lived.

We all connect with that story. We do it everyday. ( or maybe not with an animal, but with a plant offering from the earth). Much of it is a subconscious. If you are familiar with Joseph Campbell, you know that basic myth structures are handed down through many cultures and connect with us. Star Wars was a basic myth structure. Maybe we connect with stories that have anthropomorphic characters like Rocko and Luna because we are all connected as animal nature, and it still mirrors us to us. Maybe thats why I’m drawn to them. It gets us away from human form, the color of our skin, the human history of an ethnicity, and gets us back to what we all are. Just spirit.

If you can put aside what that art will do for YOU, to increase your specialness or you bank account, and find the true core of it, it will be a gift to us. Any form of art or story.

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