Can a Network Animated Series be Art?

Love on toast

Is it crazy to think that one of my shows can actually be one of my art projects? It doesn’t make sense, but I keep trying. The boulder of commerce and political correctness keeps knocking me in the head. I thought I learned on Rocko how insane it was to keep trying to make it a personal expression. It’s just another form of distraction for people.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expect a different result. Maybe I’m done.

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  1. its ok to feel that but please dont leave the tv world because without you i wouldn’t be entertained or i wouldn’t admire such amazing animation of yours despite other competitors or even friends of yours like Jim Jenkins your pal john dilworth butch Hartman etc. but you my friend are the only cartoonist i love and admire such greatness and blessed your part of the tv family for all us folks that need the humor all of it and i thank you for it

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