Artist Statement

I believe in running an artisanal studio where craftsmens’  hands take brush to paper, and pencils find the blank page. Where only the finest materials are used and where “thats always how we do it” is challenged.

I also feel a responsibility to make something that gives you more than you expect. Push the envelope. Experiment. Strive for something new. And to do the least possible harm environmentally and socially while doing it.

To make something that adds to life. That provides something of quality with a message I believe in.

I believe in my signature being a mark of quality, both in the art and the way I do business.

I think that details are important. Conscience choices. I have no qualms about stopping a production line to put an extra gag on a sign in a scene that you may never notice.

Or maybe you will.

I believe that artists are at the core of our evolution. And that everyone has art that needs to be shared.

That storytelling binds every culture, and that every media is an extension of cave paintings and dances around fires.

That we are all storytellers. With a unique story to tell.

Joe Murray working