Cartoons are Fast Food

I often compare television volume cartoons to fast food, as opposed to a feature film or independent film which is a slow, well prepared feast.

In animated series for television, decisions are made quickly. On the fly. But sometimes it allows us to not overthink it. But it’s definitely the “chocolate conveyer belt” episode of “I love Lucy”. Things move very fast. But whenever a producer says “what can you give up looking at? I never have an answer, because I care too much about the final episode, I want everything to be the best they can be. But the schedule and the budget are always demons to contend with.

( Can we afford to put another character in the crowd?)

It’s madness that I go to the extremes I do with the quality. It drives everyone nuts. It drives the budget nuts. It drives me nuts.

In broadcast or cable TV, your cartoon is basically used as filler in between commercials for cereal, toys or junk food. Is this a higher purpose? I’m trying to do something different working for PBS, and having some substance to the material, but still, what is it all for? The budgets are much much less, and the added stress of curriculum content can sometimes be maddening.

I’m feeling this way right now because we are in the extreme thick of it with production on Luna to get the last 26 episodes out. I do my best to improve the quality, but sometimes it’s a losing battle.

I don’t think there will be more Luna. But at least when I see an episode, ( or my kids do) I know I did the best I could.

But again, whats it all about?

Whats this blog about? Why am I even doing a blog? Whose even reading it?

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  1. You express yourself in here, you share your experience and bits of life in here.

    We learn from you and about you.

    You know this, Joe.

    Will it be enough to motivate you? What do you want?

    It’s sane to question yourself.

    Maybe you need to draw Clam, yes.

  2. I do! I always read this blog… But I never know what to say or how to say it…
    I feel really bad when shows I love end, but everytime I watch your shows, as a future animator, I always try to focus in all the effort it took for these stories to come to life so I could enjoy them.

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