Citizen Registry of Canker County Prominent and Peculiar

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  1. Now I’m starting to feel really loved and interested with the three art works you posted right now. Where are you getting these historical characters from?
    And if you are wondering about the answer for the question I gave you then…

    Mostly it does and it helps me to understand how you make these art quotes, new artwork (the two posted today) and the way you make animation.
    But I don’t get that if you are interested in movies that say something based on life lesson or on the of art, then why don’t you put some of your thoughts on some movies in your blog like, “What was the message given in the film?” or the basic perspective of a movie director.
    It’s okay if you would like to put it in your journal or not.

    And I also have this question:
    If you are to make an episode of “Luna” focusing on “The New Normal” then what would the plot be?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. We only know 3 characters of the Canker County. However, their expresions.. They seem to come from a Dostoevsky’s book. They really brought me back to some old times.
    I see Clam typed in, I like, and I get summoned.

    What about thanksgiving in Belgium? Did you skip it? Did you do something?

    1. Well thank you. That’s a compliment. Are you interested in seeing more characters? There may be a book here.

      We are actually celebrating tomorrow ( Saturday) since the kids don’t get American thanksgiving off.

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