Crafting a Cartoon

Joe Murray working

This was actually the original title for my book to put more focus on the detail oriented aspect of making a cartoon rather than the mass volume production of it. But the publisher had all of these reasons to not do it for titles getting pulled up on the internet and yada yada yada.

But it is true. There are so many aspects of an animated series that needs a singular vision carried all the way through. From the story premises to the final audio mix. And all of the thousands of steps along the way. Not to take anything away from the enormous talent I’ve had along the way ( Note. Hiring correctly is as much an artistic vision as choosing colors and finding the right voice.) It all melds into one piece of art. I am going to try and touch on each step to get a better picture of the process in later posts.

But this approach is never production friendly. Peter Hannan and I were joking around that every producer has the talk with us “what can you give up looking at or being involved in, because we are way behind schedule”. I just had mine for Luna. But one of the comments that I put on some ( a small amount actually) layouts or anything that comes across my desk for approval, is “this looks like its from a show where nobody cares.” And there are many of those. Shows that look like nobody cares.

I feel if kids are going to watch what we do, we should care.

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  1. Production, producers…
    I feel time makes us re-invent our roles for different reasons (mainly to grow or to survive).
    Who knows? Maybe in the future they will too.

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