Creating Animated Characters Update

Creating Animated Cartoons with Character

I’m getting a lot of mail concerning the copies of Creating Animated Cartoons with Character and the outrageous prices being charged for existing copies.

First, some history. When the book came out, it had decent sales, but not enough for Random House to support it, and my promotion was limited due to schedule. So what happens often in the publishing business, Random House put the remaining copies up for sale at a low price to clear the inventory, with no obvious plans for more copies.

I bought a couple of crate loads and had them for sale, but as my productions got busier, and my assistants were working on other things, I stopped selling them. But the demand kept growing and soon supplies were getting lower.

When I went to move to Belgium, I had many boxes of the books still left . It was then I saw the very high prices being asked for these books. So I put my remaining books on sale with the help of Keith Silva at the regular retail price, and we sold out quickly.

Now, it seems, the only available copies are with the high sellers. I’m sorry. I don’t support the prices they are charging, but its out of my hands ( and when Random House liquidated them, I was out of the royalty picture, so I don’t even make a penny off of any of these books.

I have recovered the original E-Book that I had on sale before Random House created a hard copy, and I’m moving toward offering that for purchase online.

I’m sorry for the difficulty in obtaining the information.

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  1. I appreciate that you ever took the time to sit down and write out your experiences on such a coveted but rarely (at least it seems to me) covered topic in the art industry. I’ve wanted a copy since I first heard of it. Thanks for reaching out, dude. I really hope the E-Book becomes a reality, and I hope you actually earn royalties for it again. It seems like a unique and informative book to have and would inspire future cartoonists to pursue the craft, despite the obstacles.

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