Designing Opening Titles for Luna

Found this sketch in one of my old sketchbooks. Developing the opening titles for “Lets Go Luna” where I was trying to figure out a gag involving Luna and camels. Jeff Bernstein did the opening song. I love developing the titles for my show. Tim Bjorklund and I animated the opening titles to Rocko based on my board. Pat Irwin and the B-52’s did the performance for the song. On Lazlo I was able to adapt an old camp song “Bingo was his Name” to a Lazlo theme song. ( Even got writing co-credit on that one). That was a fun one to record with the legendary Andy Paley. ( I believe I was one of the Totem Poles singing). Kind of reminiscing as my time in TV comes to a close.

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  1. Joe Murray, I decided to take a sneak peek of Big Little Trouble a few moments ago, and the “moving the Circo” scene was so funny. It’s gotta be the funniest episode of Let’s Go Luna so far.

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