Developing A Series

When I develop a show, I have to go through all of the nuances of a character. How they fit into the chemistry and dynamic of the all the characters. How they work together to create stories, and, deliver the overall premise, or in the case of PBS shows, the curriculum. What character traits motivate them to do what they do. Also, I have to draw them many, many times until they start feeling comfortable, or I discover something about their design that bothers me.

I recently came across a sketchbook I used to do a lot of brainstorming for Rocko before I pitched it. It’s interesting to me that I was trying to nail down exactly what modern life was about.

It’s interesting how my shows have really represented the period of my life I was in at the time. Although it felt natural to do the reboot of Rocko ( Static Cling) at this point in my life I would not develop another Rocko. I have a couple of shows that I’m developing right now that feel like a good fit for me. I like them a lot. Thats important because if a show moves forward, you are in it for a few years at least if not longer.

So grateful I do what I do.

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