Elliot Cowan

Peter Hannan ( Cat Dog) and my story editor bought me an Elliot Cowan print for my birthday, and it arrived the other day. it’s awesome.

If you haven’t checked out Elliot’s work, you need to : His shorts for Boxhead and Roundhead caught my attention when I was doing Kaboing.TV, and he recently finished a Boxhead and Roundhead feature on Amazon. His work is such an amazing blend of beautiful design and really snappy sharp animation.

I’m going to work with him someday. I hope so.

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  1. heya im not sure where to post this i found a big black binder recently that is full of what looks like rocko sketches character sheets and a bunch of other rocko related things im just wondering if you have any info about it someone told me it was a employee binder? i would show you pictures of it but im not sure how to

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