Family Pop-Animation from the Past

When I first started tinkering with flash around year 2000, I had an old tablet (not a cintiq) with a pen. So I came up with these characters “Le Family Pop” who were French albino Koalas. Coco, Lolly, Papa and Mama Pop. And the dog Poopy. I brought friend Tom Kenny to do a voice on it. The output has audio problems and the characters are kind of scribbly with me getting used to drawing on a tablet in front of me while looking up at the screen. I had it on my site way back then, but you needed a pre-loader so you could load a flash file (Ah the good ol’ days) It was when Ice box was doing some flash shorts for the web. I wanted to share it though. I still think it’s fun, ( and it makes my kids laugh) but I look at it more of a learning tool when I was getting into self computer production. Enough disclaimers.

Enjoy a moment with Le Family Pop.

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  1. this should be a nick or Disney series Joe that would be great you could use a little of the running gags used in rocko with some new jokes if it was for nick im not too sure about Disney but it would be amazing if you had 4 shows hopefully we see this on tv very soon!

  2. isnt that the guy that played frog in a suit as the boy child? i heard a bit of the frog there. me personally billy west should’ve been the child cuz it would make it funnier and the celeb easily recognized just saying nothing bad!

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