Fear is Limiting

fear is limiting

What would our life be like if we never took risks to better our situation, or our world? Fear keeps us from doing things. Trying for that new job, going after a new talent or occupation. Sometimes others try and control us with fear. Feed us with negative thoughts of what could happen to us in the future if we don’t protect ourselves. Or make decisions that they want us to make. Scare tactics. Or some may gossip and ask us to condemn someone or something without  investigation. But we also do it to ourselves. We are all connected and yet fear each other. It’s a constant battle.

The world can improve. It has to improve. Sometimes that means you facing your fear and giving us your gift of art, or song, or story. You can make change. Up the vibration.

My mother had a saying: If you are careful enough, nothing good or bad will ever happen to you.

A life in art is a risk. Living fully in this world can be a risk. I had a lot of fear about moving to Belgium, but I took the risk and it was the best move I could make. And for my family.

Change is scary, but change is good. Change is inevitable. Embrace it.

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