From the Airport in Amsterdam

From the Airport in Amsterdam

I haven’t seen my wife and two boys for almost two months. I just flew into Amsterdam and I feel like I’m so close to them in Brussels, but I have a long lay-over.

Did you know they only serve fish in every eatery in the Amsterdam airport?

So, I brought my two cats and I was informed at the airport in LA that since my layover was so long in Amsterdam, that they had to put my cats in a Pet Hotel. ( Maybe they will like the fish?) But I’m picturing them at a kitty spa, or maybe getting in with the wrong crowd and smoking some hash. I don’t know.

This layover is too long.

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  1. Congrats on your new life Joe best to you and your family i hope to see more cartoons from you before you retire! Ive been a fan of your toons since childhood
    Thanks again

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