“Fussil Fred”

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  1. I always wonder and many others, is it wrong to have a mind set of “the old ways?”

    I have been watching different culture tv commercials on YouTube. Lately I’ve been going the Japanese commercials and I have notice something. They like to remind the up coming generation about the past. From their ancestral samurai advertising the new snack to the iconic Gundam drinking the latest coffee in a can.

    In my opinion it just enough of a reminder of the past that helps the next generation feel this sense of proud or stability.

    The college I went to for animation does not teach us of the traditional ways. I have gain a skill from what I heard it’s call is “commercial art.” I did not like this. I did not like this feeling. After graduation, I self taught myself traditional 2d animation and traditional art. Because of that I’m able to have a better understanding of why I do certain things when creating 3d models or 3d animation.

    I believe both new and old should coexist.

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Joe

  2. You are right Benjamin. In creativity and art, doing things the old way can be beneficial, But we should also be open to new ideas that can take things to the next level. “Fussil Fred” is thinking that fossil fuels will always be the way to go. Which is not true and not sustainable. We can transcend some old thinking that will address what is now, and open some new doors.

  3. It’s like feeling stuck on the same thought, rather than look into different answers to the creative mind.

    (I’ve sent you a comment on the first post you made a few hours later)

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