There’s Always Tomorrow Amigo

Anyone who works in entertainment, works from project to project. You can get extremely close to a group of people for a period of time, and then suddenly, you stopped seeing them because the project has ended. Often you keep in touch, but you usually are on to your next project and a new group of people you get very close to.

Last night ( night for me, day for my colleagues) we had our last episode record for “Lets Go Luna”. It could be the end, but maybe not, but it’s emotional never the less. We’ve gone 4 years, watching our main child voice actors grow up.

As with any series I’ve done, there were many laughs, and many frustrations. But I feel proud of what we accomplished with this show and there was always that underlying sense of mission I felt in everyone who worked on the show.

I’m already on to my next productions and developments, ( and I still have until November finishing all of the animation and post production on “Luna”) But, as usual, I miss the daily interactions already with an amazing group of very talented artists, writers, actors and everyone necessary to keep a group like this trudging towards our goals.


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  1. I I meant that really like the work it amazing and awesome and Carmen and the horse look very cute with hat one

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