Always A Student

Came across this art I received from Everett Peck when we were both at Cartoon Network in the mid 2000’s. ( Complete with a rip in it from when I threw a bowl at the wall out of frustration once). I was doing my usual cleaning I do on New Years day ( because my first Father in Law, Edo, told me if you clean on New Years day you will have good luck. I did it every year and when I brought it up a few years later, he didn’t know what I was talking about. Didn’t remember saying it. Not out of dementia, I think he just made it up at the time. But I still do it.) Anyway, got sidetracked.

Everetts art reminded me of why I wanted it. I always feel that I’m a work in progress. I love learning new things, and I have a need to progress in some fashion. I need to keep swimming. (One of the things I love about Luna is that we learn something new about the world every day). I don’t feel that I’ve learned everything I can about animation. I love character and story, and have done a fair amount of animation myself, but still feel I have more to learn about movement, and timing etc. After Rocko, I went back to Art Center for more college classes in painting, and took courses under Richard Williams in animation. Every year working on shows, I learn more about story ( From my story editors Peter Hannan, and on Lazlo, Merriwether Williams). And of course, I always have to keep learning new technology, mostly from the younger generation.

Learning new things means you are always teachable. Even a teacher ( as I am) keeps learning. You need to be receptive to the opportunities that come your way. Make room in your life and your mind for more wisdom. In Buddhism we say ” To empty the rice bowl is to become receptive to the wisdom and guidance of the Universe.” Being teachable is to humble yourself. My grandfather was still earning masters degrees up until his death at 75.

As I grow older, my craving for learning seems to be turning inward. Often art connects with spirit. This past year with my new move and with covid, has made Belgium feel like a big portal for me. And a monastery. But that’s another story.

I’m looking forward to this new year 2021. We have a lot of recovering to do. And a lot of “Uncover, Discover and Discarding” to make room in the rice bowl.

Happy New Year.

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