Having Something to Say Scares People

Having something to say really scares people. My work in satire, with different ages, finds an audience at times receptive, and at times hostile.

Even if I don’t have a show as my creative vehicle, I will still have a need to say something. Still continue my craft.

I told some interviewers that the story of Rachel in the special is the story of a cartoon creator who has a life outside of making a property for a conglomerate. I left Rocko because I needed therapy for dealing with the death of my wife 2 months before production on Rocko started. Rachel needed to find herself. Life happens outside the screen. But I am thankful to have these canvases to do what I do. I just wish what comes natural to me didn’t rankle people so much. But I can’t help that.

Having something to say really scares people.

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  1. Knowing this has made the special so much more, well, special. Thank you.

    A week ago, I mentioned Rachel Bighead while writing for my site about “Glen or Glenda” – I also mentioned that a trans woman invented the processors that run mobile phones, so their misuse for online rants become ironic.

    Thank you again, and best of luck in Belgium.

  2. Not everyone is going to like it, but some things need to be said.

    I can’t speak for everyone but I loved the special and my friends all loved it too. As cartoony as it was the characterization of Rachel was realistic and down to earth, and I can tell it meant a lot to my trans peers.

    Most of the negative reception I’ve seen online comes from reactionary right wingers who need to be perpetually outraged by everything to make money. It’s the nature of the machine.

    Good luck in Belgium! Keep doing what you do.

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