I have a farm in Neerwinden

I’ve been busy in a move to our new farmhouse. Complete with Barn, stables and chicken coop. Still in boxes but slowly rooting in.

When my family first moved to the Almaden Valley in San Jose when I was young, we were surrounded by orchards with apricots and plums. The air smelled wonderful. We went to church in a prune shed. But soon urban sprawl took over and housing developments replaced orchards and farms.

But here I am again. Surrounded by orchards. Pears, apples, cherries and such. Animals and beautiful skies and the quaint town of Neerewinden. But this time in the far off land of Belgium.

Here I will advance my skills in the movement of animation, finish my film,, and who knows what will come with my path.

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  1. Nice of you, expanding your landmark of business.
    And speaking of that, their was a reference to it from your work and I have a question for that.
    Remember the books you created and the two that featured your book character, Isaac?
    Do you have plans for him? I am interested to know.

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