My wife likes to make fun of me because sometimes when I go to the market here in Belgium, I come home with strange things because I can’t read the signs on the food. She sent me once for zucchini and I came home with cucumber ( Okay, yes I am also produce challenged) so last week I went with my son with a list in hand, and I wanted to make sure I got the right thing.

What I found out is that Belgium doesn’t use the word “zucchini”. Where does that word even come from? I don’t know. But the market ladies kept saying “courgette! courgette!” As this large American loomed over them waving a large piece of phallic produce.

I walked away frustrated . Still not knowing if I had a zucchini or not.

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  1. Cool story but i laughed at the toon so funny just like rocko also which cartoon of yours did you enjoy the most rocko lazlo or luna also hope all is well with you and your enjoying Belgium

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