It’s Sinking In

The path to my children’s school in Belgium

It’s hard to describe moving from a state and country I’ve lived in my whole 58 years to a brand new country on a whole new continent. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m here or why I moved here.

It was mostly for the kids. I no longer found the US an environment for the kids to grow up in when, due to my wife’s origin, we had Belgium available to us. I love the schools here and the country invests in the education of its children. But also that my kids can be around their grandparents, since my parents are both gone. My wife also gave the US a good shot for 12 years, so now it’s my turn to experience her country.

Yes, there are a lot of things I miss about California, mostly seeing my two older daughters who are now adults. But I will be taking frequent trips to LA.

And I really miss my crew in Glendale working on Luna.

Everything has a yin and yang.

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  1. You and rocko moved to a new country you were from San jose California and he was a wallaby from Australia to me a total lol moment. Hope your enjoying new life in Belgium Joe. Hopefully more toons from u real soon

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