Johnson County Line

While going through old books that used to be my grandfathers, I came across the East Johnson County Registry of the Prominent and the Peculiar. I blew off the dust and was amazed at the sordid history this county had. I’ve decided to share a few of the entries.

In case you don’t know, East Johnson County lies just down the road from the Crotchscratch Tool and Sporting Goods factory. The county still hosts one of the largest County fairs in the region, famous for its award-winning Hognail pies. Make sure to take a left at the old radio tower.

Work is progressing on Fiego and a book project, inbetween farm chores and picking up the kids from the train station from school. Closing in on the last episodes of Luna. Even though its been a great ride, I’m ready for it to be over.

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  1. Subject: Which animal species do you officially confirm that Hana is?

    Hello, Joe Murray.

    Sorry to bother you awkwardly. You might have already seen this kind of message I had sent you (last time I tried to send it to you on your studio website’s contact page, but it turned out that it doesn’t work for me unfortunately), but there’s something I was seeking and just want to know clearly about the blue female animal character named “Hana”, who lives in Japan and is seen in the Let’s Go Luna episode “When the Bowl Breaks”. In this subject, I was primarily wondering about which animal species Hana belongs to.

    Though she might be known as a tanuki, it may be confusing for viewers like me to mistakenly notice in other ways that she’s just a raccoon because of her appearance. However, there are exact differences between raccoon dogs and common raccoons.

    So anyways, kindly, here’s my big question regarding this character:
    Is Hana a tanuki (aka: Japanese raccoon dog) or just a raccoon?

    Please answer this for clarification. Thanks, and goodbye!

    – Lee

    1. Hi Lee, We always try to incorporate a local animal in our episodes, so if a raccoon dog is special to Japan, it might be that. I would have to dig into it because we finished that episode so long ago.- Joe

  2. Nice Artwork! What are your plans for Fiego? How is it being done, since you are working in your new studio? And I wanted to ask you, do you follow live action comedies or dramas, since you would mostly follow many current television arts.

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