July 6, 2019

My local town hall in BelgiumStill going through stuff at the old house while my wife and kids are in their new house in Belgium. Finding old pics of me as a child amongst dusty folders of old Rocko budgets and schedules. It’s sometimes hard to fathom the twists and turns.

My wife came to America 12 years ago, and as I was driving her to the airport for her to end her stay in California, I mentioned that she had never experienced an earthquake while here. Sure enough, the week after she leaves we have two of them.

Looking forwards to getting to the new house and moving on from the old one, and out of LA. I had a good run here. My wife and son Louis were facetiming me this morning showing me around the new house and I saw my new office/studio with a window out to our huge garden and forest. It’s going to be nice, but I’ll be back in LA quite often as Luna progresses well into 2021.

Container is still at sea on the way to port in Belgium. As far as I know, no pirates have gotten to it yes. Keep you posted.

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