June 9,2019- The Adventure Begins

So, hmmmm….the big build up to packing all of our worldly possessions and giving them to a distant relocation company to put them in a shipping container to go on a ship halfway across the world from LA to Belgium. What could go wrong, right? No that’s not the way I think. Much could go wrong, and hearing stories of these containers never arriving to their destinations don’t help. Shipwreck? Pirates? No, our container is still on dry land. Ramone, our connection at the moving company tells me, ” You know there is a 5% chance customs in the US could hold your container, but in 30 years I’ve only known of 3″.

Ramones total just went up to 4. Yes, you guessed it. Ramone informs us that our container was set aside for inspection. Oh, and there will be a fee. Much like the inspectors at an airport going through your luggage and after making a mess of it saying “That will be a thousand dollars please.”

Yes,, so we are planning on being in Belgium in July to receive our wonderful shipment of all of these things we hold dear. But they have yet even to hit the ocean,

“you might luck out and have them X-rayed” says Ramone. Where they will see all of my 6 year old’s dinosaurs and wife’s many pairs of shoes, and my toys. “Yes, definitely these look suspicious “.

Well, we might be sitting in an empty house for awhile in Belguim. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of the adventure,

Keep you posted.

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  1. Look at the bright side:
    I would be so happy if I was one of those inspectors messing with your objects. So many treasures.

  2. Wow I don’t know how I missed this! I am not sure how to set up alerts for your site. Congrats so much!! I know how much you’ve loved Belgium and also were tired of the LA life! I remember talking to you about it when I considered moving to LA. I’m so happy for you!! Safe travels!

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