Last City for Now

Every time Luna goes to a new city, I design a stamp for the Magic Globe sequence. I decided for this last city of this order, to go to my old stomping grounds, San Francisco. Seeing all of the photos with the smoke hazing out the Golden Gate bridge has been painful.

San Francisco is where I would go watch my beloved Giants play since I was a kid. I watched The Sound of Music in a beautiful theatre there when I was very young. Rode a train to go sit on Santas lap in Macys there. Went to Art college on Sutter Street there when I was 14, having lunch every day in Union Square. It was also where the film lab was that we brought the film to be processed for the Rocko pilot, and recorded the voice tracks at Poolside Studios.

Peter Hannan ( Cat Dog) and our story editor lived there for a time, so it was emotional for both of us to do these last four stories.

Here is the last stamp I designed. My designs are given to Natasha Sasic at 9 Story in Canada to add beauty and color. I might leave this one close to what it is. There is a possibility of more Luna episodes but we need to work out a lot of details.

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  1. so will you still do the show even though your in Belgium or you have a new showrunner and do you still have your studio in los angeles California or somewhere in California? hope all is well Joe

    1. Hi Andrew, I am currently working out of Belgium but also have an LA studio. My crew are all working from home because of covid right now. Peter Hannan is my “boots on the ground” producer in LA. But I’m still the “showrunner”.

      1. ok thanks. i used to love watching peter hannahs catdog too say hi to him and im a huge fan of catdog when u see him again

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