Life of An Artist

This art is from @meganjherbert.

I’ve talked several times about the work that goes into a life in art, verses the work that shows up on the screen, published, shared etc. Every project ( at least for me and about every other artist I know) consists of an enormous amount of preliminary development work. Draw it. Draw it again. Draw it again, again, again.

To merely become a skilled craftsperson in any art, it’s been said to take 10,000 hours of work to get to a good level. In drawing, or animating, we call it “pencil mileage”. I have multitudes of sketchbooks with concepts, characters, ideas that have never, ( and I’m sure will never) be shared in any project.

But it’s equally as valuable.

Don’t ever feel that your art needs to be shared at some commercially or prestiges level for it to be valuable.

When I animate,, or design a character, or as I’m doing now, developing more of the look of Fiego, there are many many “bad” drawings that need to get out of the way before the gold comes out.

It’s often ” Thats been done too much” or “that will sell” or “this makes me look trendy” or “that looks just like someone whose work I admire” or “This just plain sucks” before you get to “this says something, and completely comes from spirit”.

That’s the gold.

Okay, now back to work.

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  1. Hi Joe, nice description and point of view of the “Life of an Artist”. It’s really a nice time to reflect on the characters when came to life.
    I came to question on doing Fiego, meaning how is it being done with your new workspace and with animating it?
    Also, I came to question, are you mostly sometimes interested in film that have a main point of view as well for television?

    Thanks for reading

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