Luna and Rocko to Premiere Soon

The “Let’s Go Luna” crew take a break at Disneyland.

So, okay, the Rocko Special “Static Cling” was finished almost a year ago, but at least now we know it’s going to air on Nickelodeon in the near future. ( Release date coming soon). For my current show “Let’s Go Luna” we do have a premiere set for Thanksgiving weekend 2018. We are deep into our 40 episode order at our headquarters in Glendale California and I’m pretty happy with the way the episodes are turning out. Our animation is done at 9 Story in Toronto Canada, and that has been a great experience so far.

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    1. Is there anything you can tell us about the behind-the-scenes things? Some people have gotten very worried that Nick has forgotten about Static Cling, especially since it’s been over a year since that clip was released at SDCC 2016, and the special has been completed for months now. How is just sitting on it and seemingly never releasing it helping Nick? Some people have already begun to assume the worst, that Nick’s going to dump it on Nicktoons (their sister channel, not main Nickelodeon), or is gonna wait another year till they air it (like what happened with Welcome to the Wayne) or just never air it at all. Or, when they do, they’ll only give it a week of promotion then just dump it with little flare. I was personally predicting that it’d be released during Thanksgiving of this year, since the last 2 Nick revival TV movies (The Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie, and Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie) were both released in the Thanksgivings of the 2 last years. I was hoping for a full trailer and release date at NYCC like we got that for The Jungle Movie last year, but nothing but radio silence. The only release we still have is “2018.” We’re midway through October and we still don’t have a full release. I understand there’s NDA’s and stuff, but is there ANYTHING you can tell us about the behind-the-scenes things that are delaying Static Cling? And also, why did that guy who worked at Nickelodeon say it was airing on Netflix before deleting his tweet? Was he mistaken, did he overhear someone say it was going to Netflix then realized it wasn’t, or was Nick originally considering putting it on Netflix a possibility, then changed their minds?

      1. I’m actually very frustrated at the course of events concerning the special. I am kept in the loop as to on again off again premiere dates, and ongoing negotiations, but a lot of whats going on behind the scenes I am not privy too. I am very confused as well. What I do know is that Nick loves the special and I don’t feel they would just scuttle it.

  1. I just recently learned of ‘Static Cling’. And this post notwithstanding, I really don’t think I’m the fanboy type; I don’t own any merchandise, I’ve never been to a convention of any kind, I don’t watch TV (haven’t watched it in nearly 20 years), and I actually LOATHE a lot of the so-called classic ‘Nicktoon’ programs (‘Rugrats’, ‘Doug’, etc.). But I want to say that I’m grateful that an artist like yourself would stick with/stay true to a project as great as Rocko’s Modern Life. I’ve recently looked into much of your subsequent work, and have found it all to be smart, funny, and good, true to the spirit of RML. But I have to say, sort of like Ruth’s greatest hit in a long, long line of hits has to be the Called Shot, so too does RML stand out. Not just in your work, but honestly also in recent American culture overall. RML is probably the most underrated American show going back many, many decades, and is probably one of the best comedies ever, honestly. And examples of good culture like RML are increasingly rare and precious, not just from my subjective, aging, 27-year old standpoint, but increasingly as more and more people from every age group consider more and more of prevailing culture to be, objectively, just plain bad. So thank you and best of luck! (My 7-year old nephew and 10-year old niece love watching Rocko on DVD)

  2. I’m so happy that Static Cling is still being planned for a airing on Nick !
    Hope to see what you guys are working on behind the scenes that goes along with it too soon.
    Can’t wait for the new movie
    Let’s Go Luna also looks pretty good, don’t mind checking that out

  3. Hi Joe, any new information on where and when “Static Cling” will finally be available? Re: The trailer looked fantastic and there and many people, (including my family), that would really like to see it! (It’s a shame that it was completed nearly a year ago, yet no one seems to know when it will be released.) Thanks, in advance for information you can provide.

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