Luna Music Composers Win CSA Award

Congratulations to our Let’s Go Luna Composers Ari Posner, Amin Bhatia, Kris Kuzdak and Chris Tait for winning the 2021 Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Score in Animation. Since our show jumps from country to country, these guys have to master Mariachi, Tango, Scottish jig, the Sitar and bagpipes and more. They are masters. Congratulations to them and to Mike Mancuso our sound editor! Fantastic!

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  1. Joe Murray, have you ever considered doing a Let’s Go Luna crossover with Lolirock, or Pikwik Pack, or even Winx Club? Because that would be kind of cool. Besides, all of my shows episodes have crossovers in them.

  2. Who sings the theme for luna been wondering for years and who’s your drummer he sounds awesome also if you have a authentic instrumental version i would love it thanks joe
    Andrew Cinque

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