Making a Contribution

I’ve mentioned this before in my books, about the reasons we do things. The projects where I felt were in the creative pocket were the ones that were done to make a contribution. To use my art in a way that inspires, helps hold a mirror up to ourselves. To address the insanity of the world, or to help kids realize that there is a whole world of people like us but different. But that we are still all one.

The ego works hard on us in these creative endeavors. The ego tells us we don’t have enough money, so the next Spongebob is attempted. The artist who has financial insecurities will hardly ever take chances. He or she will follow, never lead. And even if you do come from the heart and create a show and then direct, they continually call you “The creator”. The ego loves that. It cuts you off from the spirit instead of channeling spirit. The ego puts you on a temporary high, that is dependent on money, fame and accolades. Once those things are gone, the ego doesn’t mind if you crash and burn.

I mention in my “be an artist” section that art is a collaboration between the artist and God, and the less the artist does, the better.

Often projects that were started for ego reasons ( money, further business, fullfilling others expectations) would never move forward. I would get upset about that, but would later realized if I was busy with that project, I wouldn’t have had the time for something that came later which was a much better fit for me. The universe seems to know the best projects for me.

Projects that God loves to collaborate the most on, benefit others in some way. It’s not an ego trip. Or to prove something. Or to get the most likes on instagram. It’s to say what you feel. An expression.

Of course there is artwork that you do to pay your bills. You need to duplicate a character or style that someone else creates. But you still do it with love, and be thankful you can make money from drawing.

Enough said.

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  1. Good day!
    That’s a little weird line to end one of your posts, Joe.
    Could that be a lie? I wonder if it isn’t enough said from your part.
    Love the direction this site took.
    Your words go well with coffee.

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