Moving to Belgium

Town of Mechelen Belgium

Except for the births of my children and my marriage to my wife Aleide, this is the biggest change in my life so far. I’m moving to Belguim. I will be keeping my studio in Los Angeles with my crew working on Luna, but I will be working remotely from my 35 acre villa in Belgium. The closest town is Mechelen, but its 20 minutes by train from Brussels or Antwerp.

Even though my wife is Belgian, the transition has not been easy and I havn’t even left yet. Fill up a container that will be on a ship for 9 weeks slowly traveling to Belgium with only essentials. It is a process of minimalism. What do I really take? What will be left to be sold, donated or tossed. Visas, passports, legal documents in Dutch ( and yes, my cats need visas).

Belgium is an amazing country with a lot of cartooning history and many animation studios. Not sure how long Luna will go, but we will see what adventures await.

This weekend filling up the container.

Will keep you posted.

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