My Amazing Painters

My amazing painters

We have such an amazing paint department 9 Story doing our backgrounds. Just wanted to share this gem from when the Circo goes to Africa. It’s head by veteran animation leader Natasha Sasic who art directs. Turns out Natasha and I probably crossed paths in my Rocko days when she was working in LA at the studios. She ended up in Canada and we were lucky enough to get her on Luna.

When doing a show, it’s all about the team you assemble. You can pump a lot into writing and storyboarding, but if the designs or the BG’s are not working, it can disrupt the whole story flow. A weak link in the chain can create disharmony. Luckily on Luna, we don’t have any. Thank you to my amazing crew.

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  1. Omgggg, I’m super in love with this! Very reminiscent of the backgrounds from Camp Lazlo yet dynamic and colorful in it’s own unique way. Natasha Sasic is very talented and the Luna team seems super lucky to have her on as art director!

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