My First Job

When I was 16 I got my first job ever. Amazingly enough it was as a caricature artist at a small amusement park in San Jose called Frontier Village. Even though I had never done caricatures before getting this job, I worked there for the summer and had an amazing time. The summer that Elvis died, Fleetwood Mac Rumours would be heard at every party. Life was good.

My two best friends were the guys who walked around in these costumes of Cactus Kong and Theodore Bear. I felt for those guys because the summers were hot. But we had a great time.

While I was working one day, the advertising agency for Frontier Village came walking through. It was Frank Darien of Darien Russell and Hill. Frank asked me if I could do a cartoon for a car advertisement and I agreed. He liked it so much he offered me a job at the agency as a designer and resident cartoonist. At the ripe age of 17.

My life in art was off and running.

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  1. thats great Joe but the creepy costumes gotta go lol heard s2 is underway congrats to you and hoping your staying safe during covid19 talk soon pal

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