My Last Show Episodes Leaving in Peace

This last week I was working on the last episode of Luna ( probably last,,most likely last) and it was a story about Peace and Love from the city of San Francisco ( written by Peter Hannan). As I was working on it, I felt it had so much connection to our current climate. Two singers from the summer of love in the 60’s, who sang about Love and Harmony, realize they had lost all hope of the world having any. They no longer believed in it, but Carmen did. And she helped them bring it back.

It ended with a nudge for the younger generation to first; believe that Love and Harmony are possible. Second; Put your belief into action.

The goals of the love generation of the 60’s were not in vain. Yes they gave way to the times of worshiping the dollar, increasing our footprint to where we are literally stepping on each other. And this year ( actually the last 4 years) have tested how much divisiveness we can take. We have been looking at each other as how different we are, and not what connects all of us. That we are all brothers and sisters.

I realized the last episode of Lazlo ( not the one where Lumpus goes to the insane asylum, the other one) was called “Peace Frog”, about overcoming our love of hummers and finding peace in ourselves. I guess with both shows, I try to leave on a positive note.

Maybe I started channeling someone with a dream, but I think we can make the dream a reality.

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  1. NO WAY!! Let’s Go Luna can’t end like this! I’m glad you said most likely to be because this can’t end like this. Just try your best, Joe Murray, surefire we can both do this. You can keep making seasons of Let’s Go Luna and I’ll give Let’s Go Luna a twist. Keep believing in yourself, Joe Murray.

  2. If what you just worked on actually ends up BEING the last episode of “Let’s Go Luna!”, then I triple-dog-dare you to make a cartoon inspired by “Tintin” and “Spirou”, especially considering the fact that both are icons in the country where you currently live in, Belgium!

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