My Life in Saratoga

I don’t know why I’m being so retrospective, but I’m remembering the calm life I had living in San Jose, in the Northern California bay area. I had a small studio in this little town of Saratoga. It had a small creek behind it, and lots of trees. From what I know, the town was about 100 years old, but it had a charm, lots of good restaurants, small local businesses and such. I had my illustration and design business there, and later I started using it for animation. Eventually, I added an upstairs office and expanded to animate and produce the pilot there. We moved an old couch in there which we slept on, and had a camera stand with an old 35mm Mitchell. Life was good.

Then my wife died and we all moved down to LA. Thats when the chaos started.

I guess I was thinking about that, because my life feels good right now. Except for missing my daughters terribly, this is good.

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  1. A proud small business owner indeed! When the going got tough, you never quit, you never gave up! You pulled up your boot straps and powered through. Your home country salutes you Joe!

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