Camp Lazlo

I had a very different experience on Camp Lazlo than Rocko. ( and in turn PBS is very different from Lazlo) . I started feeling like I had to go through a major life trauma with each show I did, since I dealt with the death of my first wife on Rocko, and on Lazlo, I went through a painful divorce. ( So far, on Luna, no life traumas, except a big move to Belgium which has been good.).

But I also didn’t feel the connection to my crew on Lazlo like my other two shows. Cartoon Network had a very strange vibe as a whole. Different politics. In a way I was coming in on Gendy and Craig McCrackens turf. Not so welcoming. I admit I made some mistakes during that time, but although I got along much better with the Cartoon Network brass (except for the McDonalds commercial fiasco) than I did with the Nickelodeon of the 90’s, it still feels like a bittersweet time. Nobody knows, on any show, what goes on behind the scenes. Does it make for a better show? Or a tougher show to do? I felt on Rocko ( and with Luna) I had a more committed team to the overall goal of what we were doing with the show.

But when it came out on the air, I hope it entertained.

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  1. I swear I’ve seen that schedule and those paintings on the walls in your book, Creating Animated Cartoons with Character. I keep coming back to it when I’m in the mood for learning about the process of producing a show, which I hope to do with my ideas someday. Didn’t watch much of Camp Lazlo as a kid, or…maybe not even at all until 2017 or 2018, but having seen many episodes that were uploaded to YouTube (but now mostly gone) I can now say it’s had a great impact on my art style, along with Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls. All of those shows take place in summer and are major influences to me…and I’m a summer baby. I guess those top three were meant to be. Thanks for producing such a delightful and twisted show along with your talented crew, and thus being a contributor to my creative motivation! Keep being weird. ^_^

    1. Oh, I didn’t see the caption of this until just now – Either my computer didn’t show it before for some reason, Or my mind wasn’t working for a moment on the 31st. I probably sounded a little careless in that last message, oops. Pardon my scatterbrain. xp

      Sorry about both your loss and your divorce, but hey, as we both know, life throws crap at us sometimes, and I think you made the best of the hard times by doing what you love. I heard about that McDonalds situation somewhere (probably in Creating Animated Cartoons with Character), and blehhhhh…what a silly thing for the CN marketers at the time to be disappointed by. One of my fears of being in the TV animation world is for my show to be over-marketed and all that, it’s a bit scary.

  2. that’s cool Joe can’t believe you still had the long hair after those times lol. i loved lazlo as a child thanks 4 sharing with me

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