New Mission: Garden Box Entertainment

In the midst of the challenges of learning the ways of Europe, I threw into the fray all of the complications of starting a new business entity in Belgium. It was quite a journey. But i’m happy to say it is up and running.

It basically offers the same business and services Joe Murray Studio does, with it’s character and concept creation, story and content development and showrunning production services, but with a focus of also working within the European Animation community.

My commitment to socially and environmental responsibility in my business remains the same, focusing on projects that add to life and contribute to development.

I’m excited about this new branch off shoot!

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  1. that’s great Joe thanks for the clarification best of luck to you i think that logo should be on lets go Luna season 2 in my opinion anyways best of luck with the new business and hope your doing ok with covid 19 and hoping to see you in California again soon!
    Andrew Cinque
    Commack N.Y.
    your #1 fan of all your cartoons rocko luna and lazlo

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