One Year in Belgium

Today marks the day I flew with my cats and all of my remaining 10 suitcases full of possessions and clothes, and said good bye to the US. (Even though I was back on a plane within a month to return, and kept going back every few months until Covid hit.)

It took me a while to understand whether I really liked it here, or just the newness of it was appealing to me. But since my baseline is “I don’t like change”, new is not always good for me. Then throw in not knowing the language, and the streets etc. It could have been very intimidating.

But I do like it. ( Dare I say I love it?) I love the people, the land, the pace of life. I love it that my two boys have their grandparents in their life since both of my parents have passed. The schools are great. It’s good. It was definitely a quality of life decision. Not an economic one.

One of my crew told me that today was the anniversary of the Rocko debut. (which I did not know). 27 years ago today. So it’s odd I chose this date to also make the biggest move of my life.

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  1. oh yeah thats right happy anniversary rockos modern life Joe this was one of the shows i grew up with along with lazlo but i mainly grew up watching both of your shows they made me laugh all the time and thanks to you i wouldn’t be laughing at all and i thank you so very much for the memories and growing up with us 90s and millennial kids my family loves you for your hidden humor talent and beauty in your toons and i bless you for doing such epicness for us talk soon

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