Paying Attention to Where We Walk

Often in our artistic lives ( and any “life” really), obstacles are seen as a nuisance. We think they are suffering, but most people don’t know real suffering. Artists have a tough road, it’s true. But the road is how we learn. It’s where our passion comes from. Most “suffering” is a catalyst for growth. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around, but obstacles are a gift. The Buddha said, “life is suffering”. It’s how you deal with it that makes or breaks you.

But let’s define “suffering” and separate it from “inconveniences”. Having a client who is high maintenance. Having your car break down when you need to get to the art store. Getting paid late. These are “inconveniences” or sometimes called “luxury” problems. Gratitude that you have clients, and a car, and paying jobs in art, often helps. But also that most obstacles are there to teach. Also to test your resolve.

Often if you don’t get that gig that you really wanted, it’s because there is a better one waiting for you.

The path that I intended for myself was almost never the best path. I turn it over. But even if I was struggling with money, my bills always got paid. It always worked out.

The artistic life is one full of catalysts.

I have to go now. My pear tree needs some picking.

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  1. Very inspiring Quote. What were your challenges of an animator when you have to face serious thoughts and surprises in your life?

    (Did you read my comment in your previous post?)

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