Citizen Registry of the Canker County Prominent and Peculiar

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  1. Nice Art Work and History of the character. And like my comment in your last post I wanted to ask about putting your perspective in filmmaking in your journal as another type of art since you are mostly into artwork and animation types and skills.
    Are you interested in movies that show creative perspective?
    It’s okay if you disagree or not.

  2. Hi Wikum, I know you have been asking this question before. I’ll try and answer.
    I’m actually into movies that show any perspective. That say something. Art is putting your soul into it. And I like pushing art styles and the way things are done. That’s why I like to experiment with new technology and new art approaches. When you work on a show for 5 years, you have changed so much in that time, but the show still needs it’s consistency.

    Does that answer your question?

  3. Mostly it does and it helps me to understand how you make these art quotes, new artwork (the two posted today) and the way you make animation.
    But I don’t get that if you are interested in movies that say something based on life lesson or on the of art, then why don’t you put some of your thoughts on some movies in your blog like, “What was the message given in the film?” or the basic perspective of a movie director.
    It’s okay if you would like to put it in your journal or not.

    And I also have this question:
    If you are to make an episode of “Luna” focusing on “The New Normal” then what would the plot be?

    Thank you for your time.

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