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I can’t respond to all of the great letters that have come in on the special, but I appreciate all of them, and especially the ones from the transgender community. I’m glad we did something of benefit, and it seems we did it right. Thank you. I was touched by all of those letters. And to the one mother who had a problem with what we did, I was glad that she watched it with her kids. Netflix is a good home for it, because if its not your cup of tea, there are many other things for you to watch.

Thank you again to everyone.

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  1. Hello joe nice to see you and i want to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind or if you understand the questions answer me with a email letter if you want to not really but if you want to if you don’t mind

    1. People are trying to figure out that yoI se bringing back rockos modern life so are you bringing rockos modern life back or you can’t cuz you’re to busy at Belgium?
    2. Do you still do animation or you are taking a break from animation?
    3. Are you and Nickelodeon still in touch with each other like still being friends?

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