Rest in Peace Mark Briggs

My High School Art Teacher Mark Briggs has sadly passed away at age 98.

What can I say about Mark Briggs? Only that he was the most influential teacher in my art career. When I was 14, he helped me secure a scholarship to the San Francisco Academy of Art. From that age on, he mentored me with a solid teaching of how to run an art business and introduced me to many professionals who also helped me, like Charles Schulz and Eldon Dedini. His influence didn’t end when I graduated high school, he remained close and in touch until recently when his health declined. He often steered San Jose State animation students my way who I tried to help as much as I could. Recently his daughter shipped all the stuff he had collected on my career, binders and binders full. He watched all of my kids grow up, was by my side in my tragedies as well as my victories. Attended weddings and such.

He was a good man. A long life of service ending at the age of 98. I will miss him dearly.

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  1. Hi Joe Murray sorry for your loss im sure he was a great man was it natural causes? Im really happy to hear you kept in touch all these years and he would be proud of you in heaven! Don’t be to upset he was a great person. Hope to see more from u soon

  2. I remember hearing from Lisa Benham (class of 1982)—
    That she saw him get out of a red convertible A few years back,
    He was wearing his signature beret and when she asked him where he was headed he said he was “headed to a hot date!”
    He was such a neat guy!

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