Rest in Peace Orson.

When I was going through my divorce 15 years ago, I found myself alone in a house in Montrose California. My cat was back at the ex wife’s house. So I got a parrot. He got a brain tumor and died. And then some friends knew someone who had just had a baby and thought their cats would be better off in a new home. So I took them. Millie and Orson. Millie a petite bunny cat with thumbs, and Orson, a big boy cat who loved to hang out with me. He was always by my side. Sat with me when I worked, slept by my side. He was there with my new wife, and the birth of my two boys. At one point he was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid. He was going to die if I didn’t give him this radioactive treatment. He did it and survived ( and there is a story there about radioactive poop we will go into later). He and Millie made the long trip from LA to Belgium and they both seemed to love it here. Orson would sleep on my desk behind my computer while I worked, and when I had skype or zoom calls, he ofter put his head over the top of the camera making his whiskers look like giant trees to the person on the other end.

So recently I noticed a change in his behavior. He started losing weight. Slept more. Wasn’t always around. I brought him to the vet and they said he was extremely sick with liver failure. He was in the hospital and started to respond to treatment, and suddenly yesterday, he really took a dive. Today he was barely hanging on. I spent an hour with him at the hospital, my wife and boys said good bye and we put him down.

It’s a very sad day for me. I hate death. I’ve been through it too many times with animals and people. Thats the big drawback with loving. But I am glad he was in my life, and I hope he enjoyed his life with us.

Rest in Peace Orson. I will miss you.

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  1. wow sorry for your loss joe sorry never knew you had a cat like that im sure he was wonderful like you are and was friends like rocko and spunky lol hope to hear from you soon be well and stay well

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