Rocko Voice Records: Creative Chaos at it’s Finest

Tom Kenny ( Heffer) Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko) and Charlie Adler ( The Bigheads) check over that days Rocko storyboard. Tom thinks it’s funny, Carlos doesn’t quite understand it, and Charlie thinks there are too many exclamation marks. Circa 1994.

One of the things I love about moving, is going through old boxes of “stuff” from the past. Why I hold on to some of it , I don’t know. But I love coming across photos I took of the crew during productions Rocko and Lazlo. This one of Tom, Carlos and Charlie made me laugh. When the four of us and Doug Lawrence (Filburt) got together to plug the new Netflix Rocko special at the San Diego Comic Con a few years back, we did some press where we fondly recalled the recording days. Tom, Carlos and Doug were new to animation voice acting, and had a great time going into monologues, riffing and improvising lines, and generally trying to make each other laugh. I directed them in the sound stage, so I had to hold my laughter down or else it got recorded. Meanwhile,, veteran voice actor Charlie Adler would be stewing and smoldering in the corner because we were taking too long. He was always booked and had places to be. But as grumpy as he got, he was always generous with sharing his experience with the guys. He was the best teacher they could have had. Charlie is a sweetheart of a guy. We give him shit about his grumpy days, but we love him.

Even though we still keep in touch, I miss hanging out with these guys.

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  1. And one more thing,
    You may not know be but I am mostly a young upcoming artist who is taking the steps into education and the studies of visual arts and depriving it in my own way. I was caught interested and inspired by your work and your history when I first explored your blog. Then I took the time to study some of the work and then try to make my own look of what my imagination takes me.

    Thanks for your inspiration and really interested in your work by the way. (Seen Luna and Static Cling, very interesting and attractive!)

    Hope for more news and projects to come very soon!

  2. So I attended the Rocko 20 year reunion in DTLA years back (almost 10 to be exact!) and I remember you or someone else talking about how Charlie “had places to go.” Cut to the meet & greet/ signing at the end of the show, I was one of the last fans to leave and Charlie finished signing some stuff and got up and I believe looked to you and said “he had to go” “he had somewhere to be.”

  3. It is so heartwarming to get such a personal view into your backgrounds! And I am glad to see you doing well in Belgium. Rocko is one of those tv shows one realizes as they grow up, that you can see these people gave everything their effort b.c they enjoyed themselves with it.

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