Season 2 of Let’s Go Luna Starts

Actually yesterday May 10th. I really like these new episodes. Lots of great locations. And we end the series in San Francisco. Love it.

I’m not sure where my path will lead, but I feel that this will be my last TV series. I’m appreciative and grateful.

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  1. Gaja’s Birthday prediction: I already watched the beginning of the episode (the rest I will watch 2 days later along with Kabaddi Kid). Now here’s the prediction: Before Riya lights up the candles on the cake, Andy, Carmen and Leo’s parents burst through the door without their skin rashes before Senor Fabuloso reveals why he doesn’t like children’s birthday parties.

    1. There are many factors that go on behind the scenes Julieana that affect the length of a series. I liked doing the show, and feel that there are many more possible places to go with it, but I also like to get out before the episodes start getting tired. Make sense? I appreciate you liking Luna though. -Joe

      1. It would be nice to end the series with a special focusing on Quarantining and finding stuff to do while you travel around the world. Or maybe a special focusing on a different new protagonist with Luna.

  2. Just saw the new ones great job i guess these were the covid edition episodes anyways hope to see more n such maybe see more behind the scenes stuff hope all is well Joe
    Question do u still use Adobe animate for your projects including Luna?

  3. Excuse me for asking for spoilers, Mr. Murray, but I’ve been dying to know the answer to a couple of very important questions (to me): Will there be episodes in South Korea, and consequently, will there be a Carmen episode about K-Pop? Because I’m not too fond of how Carmen became more arrogant at some point (sorry for the criticism), and considering how infamous KPop stans are, I feel that her joining that particular music community (even if just for one episode) will only exasperate the problems with her characterization as of late

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