There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. Solitude is the quiet of being by yourself and feeling good about the book you are reading, or the art you are doing, meditating or just being with your thoughts. Even though I love the company of my wife and family, I really enjoy solitude. Loneliness is not feeling connected to anyone or anything. It’s usually from thoughts of a poor self opinion, or a need for distraction. Or I have felt loneliness when I am separated from my family for weeks.

I remember getting in trouble when I was a kid and my mother or father would send me to my room. But I never looked at it as a punishment. I loved it. I would draw and draw. Maybe thats why my drawing improved.

Now that I work at my studio alone in Belgium, and my staff is in LA and Canada, I still feel solitude and can think, and enjoy it.

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  1. never knew you had a cat what breed? hope this ends soon for all of us and you can visit your staff again soon in la. be well Joe and hope to hear from you soon

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