Stewards of the Earth

It’s No Longer a Choice

Mother Earth has given us so many amazing gifts. How are we returning the Love?

We’ve seen the documentaries. We have read the headlines. Saving the planet is no longer for the hippy dippy environmentalists. It’s a global crusade. We all need to come together as humans, end the divisiveness, roll up our sleeves and work. We have done if before to end world tyranny. We have shown to do amazing things when we pull together and commit. We wouldn’t do everything we could to help a sick relative? And that is what the earth is. She’s been taking care of us since the human family was a baby. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t feel optimism and confidence in us humans to be able to pull this off. And I will be the first to say that I still have improvements to make in doing my part. I am right there with all of us, trudging forward and working step by step to our goals.

Sick Earth

Back when we did the Rocko’s Modern Life recycle episode in 1994, the environmental movement had been going, but it was still “Let’s do what we can so we can live on a clean planet”. We could afford to show singing compost heaps and dancing fluorocarbons to try and get the point across. Now Mother Nature has taken over to get the point across in climate change, storms, droughts, floods and fires. One quote from the recycle show is very true. “If we are not nice to Mother Nature, Mother Nature will kick our butts”.

It’s sad that it’s taken mother earth to scold us before we get the picture of the seriousness of the situation. It’s obvious that if more of the leaders and citizens trusted the science of global warming, we could have gotten an earlier start. But we didn’t.

So here we are. The first step of change is to face reality. The planet is in trouble and humans are the cause. Step 2, Believe that change is possible. We need to have a major paradigm shift. It is possible, but we all need to act. Step 3. Get into action.

From my research, there are a few things that are contributing more to the illness of our planet than others. They mostly have to do with humans drive for money, power, convenience, consumption and status in the form of dependance on fossil fuels, endless accumulation of “stuff”, over-consumption of meat products and lack of effort in recycling methods. All changeable. A major shift is possible. Many are results of thinking with the ego and not with spirit and connection to the earth. Like I said, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t feel optimistic that we are strong enough and smart enough as a species to pull this off. I like solutions over scare tactics. Check out the “Story of Stuff” videos for information and solutions to what we can do to help. Shrink our living, ride a bike instead of drive. Look at our everyday habits.

Yes, industries need to clean up their act, and governments need to look past economic issues and enforce strict rules to bring all of them into compliance. But we can also not choose to support the major corporate contributors to climate change with our dollars.

Some countries are doing better than others in addressing this problem. But even in those countries where leadership attempts to drive the ship into an iceberg, the crew (us) can do our part to avoid major catastrophe. It’s not all leaderships fault. We can make a difference.

I know we can do it. Get informed. Research solutions. Get into action.

Mother earth wants to be there for the children. And we want that to. We owe it to them.