Thank You. I understand Why I Do it.


I wrote a blog post the other day in the midst of workload meltdown. I couldn’t go any further. My brain was melting and it just seemed like my “to do list sent from my production coordinator would get longer and longer because what I didn’t complete would get put on the next day.

But I didn’t mean to sound like a victim in this. I chose this. And as I was reminded, its for the audience, mostly the kids, who may receive something of value from it in their own lives. Not to put cartoons up there as some high art, but as a way to connect. After the Rocko “Static Cling” special came out, I was gifted with so many letters not only from Rocko fans but from the trans gender community on how it touched them.

So the next time I get down and tired, I’m going to read some these notes ( and a beautiful letter I received from Jaina) to remind me why I do it.

Thank you.

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  1. awesome speech joe loved it tons hope to hear more very soon my friend
    ps hope to see more luna soon and maybe a camp lazlo reboot hopefully

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