The Clock is Ticking


To really test one’s stamina one should A) Give birth. or if you are a man B) Move from America to Europe.

Our standard go-to line has been ” There’s been a slight hiccup”. It’s been one hurdle after another. And once you book your flight out of American airspace, ( on an airline that takes animals in their special animal cargo hold), the clock is ticking. Get rid of the cars, the furniture, sell the house. When do I turn in my internet router? ( OH shit, I’ll be without internet said with very wide eyes. Whats the last thing to go? The router or my coffee maker. I can live without internet easier than living without coffee. Decision made. Who wants my tools? Oh crap, I have to assemble the cat carriers. Better hold on to the tools.

And what about the office? Will Luna be okay. I’m leaving my office and crew with my name on the door in Glendale while I become the face on the screen.

Kitty passports. Becoming buddies with the 1-800 Got Junk people. Visas. Pink slips. And finally, selling my house which is becoming another big hiccup. Change of address. Cancel YMCA. Ooh that was a big one. YOU MUST come in, in person. Another errand.

My hiccups are still going. Better hold my breath. Leaving on sunday. I’ll tell you when I’ve cleared American airspace.

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