The Great Heist

I’m not sure if I shared this story on the old blog.

A few years ago, when we were in the new hermetically sealed Nickelodeon Building working on Static Cling, The Rocko special ( sealed so we could smell the newly laid carpet chemicals) we noticed that the Hey Arnold people next door doing their reboot, had a lot of “Hey Arnold Stuff”. Cool displays from past comic cons and things like that. Sometimes we would grumble “hey, where’s our Rocko stuff for our section?”

One day we ventured out to take a crew photo in this little Nickelodeon lounge area, and low and behold, with other Nick characters was a great little Rocko statue. “Why isn’t this in our Rocko section?” I asked. “Lets take it”. “I think that’s agains’t the rules Joe” says a worried crew member. “Perfect” I said.

Cue Mission Impossible theme song.

I asked one of our PA’s to grab the statue. ( name withheld to protect the guilty, but I was also guilty because I asked him to do it) We all crowded around it to hide the stolen property, as we made are way with Flintstones twinkle toes to the elevator and up. As other people boarded the elevator, we whistled while looking at the ceiling and clutching our looted cargo.

Arriving at the Rocko area, we searched for a great place to put it, and I found a spot up high to look out over all the Rocko artists (see photo). We enjoyed it for a few hours when suddenly we were alerted that Nickelodeon director of blah blah, miss So and so ( Miss Trunchbull) was angry with us for stealing the Rocko statue and she wanted it back.

Cue villain cue.

We refused to bring the statue back, but were willing to trade it for another Rocko art piece of equal or greater value. We could hear the yelling through the phone as our producer conveyed our demands while holding the phone away from her ear.

The next morning, we arrived to find Rocko missing. Someone had returned him to his original spot. This is not how stories of flagrant disregard for authority are supposed to turn out. Doesn’t the underdog usually win in the end?

Cue closing credits.

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